Time Flies

When you’re having fun
The time flies come
And steal in their droves
The time you kill.

The little blighters wing
And swarm until you can’t
Remember anything of before,
Numb, desensitized to pain
Drowning in endless rain.

You are five years older
Bewildered, none the wiser.
Where did all the time go?

Spend your time productively
Make a timely exit
With a timeless beauty
Instead of flitting about.

It’s your own time you’re wasting
Not that you know that while drinking
The flies press on and the ship begins sinking
They have the time now
And there’s no getting it back.

With impeccable timing they come
While you take time out to remember
With old father time
That you don’t have the time
To be messing around drinking.

So you leave and promise to sort yourself out
Through good times, bad times, indifferent times.
Earn yourself time and a half
And bargain with the flies
Before time kills you.


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