alley rats

smoking by the biffa bins;
piss wet through
us and the rats
down the alley behind boots

the curls of blue smoke
bury themselves in our clothes
and your hair bedraggled
burns a graven image

never it remains
now too long ago
you stay in our smoky alley
out of reach forever
as present as weather



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2 responses to “alley rats

  1. Having stumbled on your blog by accident I’d like to know if you are still current, or if it has been superseded. My interest is chiefly in Edward Thomas, my blog: I have perhaps seen you on an Edward Thomas walk or study day. My novel .is to be published 7th February
    There’s too much to comment on – I’ve enjoyed and learned. One surprise – that you haven’t mentioned GBorrow-unless I missed it- and, very differently, Robert MacFarlane.

    • It is pretty current. Finished writing my PhD last March. It is soon – once I’ve found a publisher – going to be published as a book called ‘First Known When Lost – Journeys in Pursuit of Edward Thomas’. I have been in contact with Robert MacFarlane about my work, and he recurs throughout the book (especially in the later chapters). George Borrow is mentioned a couple of times – my work only introduces other writers usually when I pass a place where Edward Thomas met them or the place with which the writer is associated (for example, George Meredith at Box Hill). I am sure I will have seen you on one of the Fellowship walks. My literary agent mentioned that there was a novel coming out about Edward Thomas. I look forward to reading it.

      Best wishes,


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